Air Charter
Sonic Delivery provides exclusive air charter services for critical, time-sensitive deliveries of all kinds.

EUV (Exclusive Use Vehicle)
When delivery by ground is the most appropriate venue, Sonic provides monitoring from pick up to delivery through its network of experienced carriers who provide non-stop service to destination.

Air Cargo
If it fits in a cargo plane, it can go by air. Sonic’s experienced staff will manage FAA regulations and weight limitation regulations.

Same Day or Overnight
When a popular NBA player needed regulation shoes for a playoff game, Sonic delivered the shoes across country and to his door in four hours. The player wore the shoes the same night in a playoff game! When entertainers need quick deliveries, many of them turn to Sonic. Just ask jazz great Al Jarreau, or rock bands ZZ Top, Aerosmith, and the Eagles – all of whom shipped by Sonic. Did we mention the St. Louis Cardinals and the Memphis Redbirds? Whatever your emergency delivery need, Sonic has the network and the knowledge to get the job done.

Complex Shipments
Some shipments need special handling – those that are oversized or that may require air/truck combination routing. Sonic Delivery has the knowledge and experience to handle such multi-faceted shipments.

Hazardous Shipments
Since 9/11, regulations governing the shipment of hazardous materials have become much more stringent. Sonic works with Haz-Mat specialists who are experienced in these types of complex shipments.

Nuclear Facilities
In this high security environment, special attention to detail is critical. Sonic has demonstrated that it is uniquely qualified to manage these types of deliveries.

Utility Companies
Power companies often require service at a moment’s notice. Sonic provides expedited transportation to many of America’s major power generation facilities. When parts are needed to provide power, they must be transported quickly and efficiently.

Shipping costs are impacted by the cost of fuel, government regulations and other variables. Our experienced transportation specialists are also available to provide you with information and personal assistance to help you plan your annual shipping budget.