Same Day – Our Specialty
Same day shipments are accorded the highest priority by our employees, and are followed very closely from pick-up to delivery. An ETA is given and any delays are notified well in advance of delivery time. The mode of transit is at Sonic’s discretion, and may include surface transportation, commercial air service, charter service, or any combination of the three.

Priority Overnight
Priority Overnight shipments arrive at their destination airport by noon on the next business day.

Overnight shipments are delivered as defined by commercial airline services. They arrive at their destination city by end of the next day, but may arrive too late to deliver during normal business hours. These deliveries are subject to ACI local area zone and commercial airline “space available” restrictions.
Not recommended for heavy, over dimensional, J.I.T. or urgent shipments. See “Priority Overnight” or “Same Day” service.

Second Day
Second Day shipments arrive and are available for pick up or delivery by the end of the second day. Local deliveries may be prioritized according to “space available” and ACI local area zone restrictions.

Deferred shipments do not arrive before the end of the third day and may not deliver until the fourth or fifth day. These shipments usually move by surface transport. They are prioritized for local delivery according to “space available” and ACI local area zone restrictions.