Commercial Appeal Article - October 23, 2003
  I’m Jake Mohundro, president and founder of Sonic Delivery, Incorporated. For close to 30 years, our company has provided logistics support to clients large and small all over the United States and beyond. We are the chosen carrier for many aerospace contractors. In fact, aerospace manufacturers and military facilities are a large part of Sonic’s customer base. As a qualified government shipper, we have shipped freight of all sizes on all time parameters. We have managed highly-sensitive shipments, as well as hand-sized freight for companies and individuals that absolutely required same day delivery.

Sonic Delivery, Incorporated has experienced shipping consultants who can manage all aspects of the freight delivery process. From maneuvering new FAA regulations and guidelines for shipping by air, to managing details of ground delivery…we can assist you in planning the fastest, most cost-efficient shipping of your freight and packages.

Jake Mohundro
President and Founder
Sonic Delivery, Incorporated